Wedding Pros We Love - CJ DeVries

CJ DeVries is a boss.  Intelligent, relentless, energetic, and unapologetic - she "makes shit happen."

A small town girl with a big vision, CJ honed her skills and abilities while studying Applied Behavioral Analysis at Grand Valley State University and wasted no time making waves in and around Grand Rapids.

CJ's current projects include owning and operating and Innovative Social Exchange - entities that are instrumental in shaping the landscape of West Michigans' social and business scenes.

When the A-List Event Group set out to launch their services in 2020, one name kept coming up - and the individual behind the myth did not disappoint.

As we move to reshape the entire perception behind "mobile entertainment" in West Michigan, CJ will serve as one of the the better "angels on our shoulder," providing us with guidance and consultation in the market she knows so well.  

If you don't know CJ (though odds are you do) do yourself a favor and check her out.

When not crushing it, CJ enjoys bourbon, hot sauce and the countless charities which she and her husband/fellow businessman Jason actively support.

Rest assured, any future success the A-List team is able to achieve will in some way be related to our evolving partnership with CJ.

She is the embodiment of #LifeOnTheAList."